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Double-check the deal and the dealer

Good, so you found exactly what you were looking for online. You add the product to the basket and click through to checkout. But now the final cost seem excessive. What is the problem?

The shipping cost! You always have to keep an eye on those shipping costs because, unfortunately, some online shops hike the shipping costs to lift the bottom line of the product, meaning the final cost of the product is more than you bargained for. And then there is the warranty issue!

The dictionary explains that a “bargain” is a deal where both the seller and the buyer are happy with the outcome. So, when you see a “bargain” online, first read the fine print and take a closer look at the terms and conditions to ensure that you get –

  • Fair shipping costs.
  • Solid warranties.
  • Secure payment gateway.

Double-check the deal and the dealer

The old saying “Measure twice, cut once” will stand you in good stead when buying online. Double-check everything:

– Take a second look at the product description.
– Download a copy of the product image (and compare it with the product once it arrives).
– Bookmark the product URL for later reference (or at least until you are happy with product once received).
– Read the “About” section of the online shop to make sure you’re dealing with a legal, reputable supplier.
– Test the contact form to get a good feeling with who you are dealing with.
– Do a quick search on Facebook, Twitter or Hello Peter for references.
– Ensure that the shipping cost is not used to bump up the product profit excessively.

Furthermore, take care not to fall for click-bait. This is when you see a product at a fantastic price but when you click through the price applies only to bulk buying or has some other conditions attached. For example, the advertised unit price might only apply when, say, 10 or more of an item is bought whereas a single unit might cost double or more. Or the “fantastic” price might only apply if the item is bought together with another – mostly overpriced – item.

As they say: “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” Do NOT submit your payment details until you are absolutely convinced you are going to get what you are going to pay for.

For the record, reputable dealers usually will advertise bulk or otherwise enhanced deals as “Price from…” or “Starting at…” and mention the cost of a single unit purchase early on without wasting your precious time.

Reputable online sellers became exactly that because of the trust they have built up with buyers. Their products are as advertised, the shipment gateway secure, the warranties honourable and the shipping costs fair. And that is an important part of the bargain.

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