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Android TV Box – which one to choose

An Android TV box turns any TV into a smart TV; all you need is Internet access. The Android TV box connects wirelessly to your Internet router and either via cable or wirelessly to your television set.

Setup is easy and the Android TV box is controlled by a remote control. Once set up, you will be able to watch TV shows, Kodi, Netflix, YouTube, movies, live sports, play games and access a multitude of applications from the Google app store.

In addition, you can use your Android TV box as a multimedia device to watch videos or play music. Or use it to just browse the web as you would do on a computer or on your smartphone, visiting Facebook, Twitter or checking your email.

MXQ 4K Android screen

Which Android TV Box?

An Android TV box basically is a computer: it has a CPU (Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), memory and, of course, an operating system (which, as the name implies, is Android). Choosing an Android TV box is almost the same as choosing a computer, laptop or smartphone that will best suit your needs and your budget.

More expensive Android TV boxes usually have faster processors (both CPU and GPU) and larger memories, both RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read-Only Memory – usually in the form of flash memory). The advanced processing power and larger memory sizes will give better performance (calling up saved programmes, for instance) and better display quality.

MyGica ATV495XMyGica ATV495X: 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, features CVBS port

The premium Android TV boxes usually will included more pre-loaded apps, more connection ports and updated operating systems. Some premium models feature a built-in SATA hard drive bay.

In addition, premium TV boxes such as the MyGica range will feature auto-updates of the operating system and the apps, which is a really nice feature to have.

There are many different brands of Android TV boxes; to name a few: BeeLink, H96, MeCool, Minix, MXQ, MyGica, Sidiwen, Sunveil, Tanix, Xiaomi, YokaTV, Zidoo. Each of them have a number of models but they all do more-or-less the same thing, with many having the same CPU, GPU, etc. Take a good look at the specifications (CPU, GPU, RAM and ROM), the features (OS, apps, features) and the ports (you might require AV instead of HDMI, ansoforth). Then, match it with your budget and you’re all set for a great viewing experience.

MyGica Android TV BoxAndroid TV boxes that cost less

You can watch all the same programmes on the Android TV boxes that costs less. But you will need to do manual updates and connecting external devices – such as hard drive disks – will be slightly more complicated.

The most important factor, though, is that the Android TV boxes with little or no ROM requires a steady, fast Internet connection (preferably 2MB/s and up) to operate smoothly (whereas the premium models will store the streamed content on-board for uninterrupted viewing).

Even so, whichever model you choose you will soon realize why many people are replacing their expensive DSTV services with an Android TV box. There is just so many fantastic programmes to watch for free on the Internet.


Before you purchase, look at the features and specifications of each and match it with your needs. You will find that there is an Android TV box that will suit your needs and your pocket. Browse the Android TV boxes.